Elegant Chart User Guide


To install Elegant Charts in your site go to your WordPress Dashboard -> Plugin -> Add New. Then click on “Upload Plugin” button at Top and there, in the “Choose File” area choose the downloaded zip file from elegantthemes to finally press install now.

Finally, after the plugin was installed , you should activate it.


Elegant Charts is a third party Divi module, but it works just like a regular module, so you should go to the visual builder and press the “Add New Module” button (dark grey plus icon) to display the list of modules and choose from there the elegant chart module.

Once you have inserted the module, you will see the main settings.

The X Axis Labels setting defines the labels displayed statically in the graph. That means, it won’t change independently of the values inserted in each graph. The Y axil is generated dinamically and it depends of the values inserted on each graph.


To insert a graph, press on the Add New Item button, as the image below.

Here you can specifies the data of each item and the label displayed when users pass mouse over the info.


You can choose different graphs, like pie charts, bar charts, etc, change the graph colors, display or hide axis or labels or even change the font styles. Mostly of settings to customize the charts are under the content tab, excepting for fonts that under design tab.