Elegant Map User Guide


To install Elegant Map in your site go to your WordPress Dashboard -> Plugin -> Add New. Then click on “Upload Plugin” button at Top and there, in the “Choose File” area choose the downloaded zip file from elegantthemes to finally press install now.

Finally, after the plugin was installed , you should activate it.


Elegant Map is a third party Divi module, but it works just like a regular module, so you should go to the visual builder and press the “Add New Module” button (dark grey plus icon) to display the list of modules and choose from there the elegant chart module.

Once you have inserted the module, you will see the main settings.

Map Center address defines what will be the main area displayed when the maps loads for first time on users page. 

To define the area, you can move around the map and then click on any part of it to center and define it.

Also,  you can scroll down and look for an spacific address and use it to define the map center.


To add a marker, click the Add New Item button.

To define the marker position just repeat the same process used for define the map center, just click in any part of the map or look for an specific address.The area marker is a bit different, we will see it how to use it soon. If you scroll down, there’s two toggles to adjust some parameters, marker settings and popup settings

There’s 4 kinds of markers and 3 of them works pretty similar (basic, circular, and custom). This 3 ones are showed just below the spot you clicked on the map. The polygon area works different, first, you should select the option polygon area and THEN you must go to the map and press on different spots over the map, drawing the shape of the area.


Each marker kind has individual settings, so each one must be adjusted uniquely.
The plugin has some restriction in desing, this because was made with external libraries like openstreetmaps and leafly and both are customize limited